Monday, February 02, 2009

diva is a female version of a...

the infamous mary b has made providence monthly's most eligible singles.

there isn't much online yet, so please visit your favorite newstand to read her likes, dislikes, and favorite divas... ha.
most importantly though, listen to the b's music.


clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose said...

haaa you so crazy.

thanks for the website spot.

this is a stickuppp-stickuppp

Cara said...

thanks andrew!
we can meet halfway somewhere if you'd prefer or i promise to not spend much time in the house this round, haha. i have a dad date this saturday and a baby shower on the 21st, but the 16th is open and the 28th i plan to see an awesome 13 yr old from my home church in a play which you're welcome to join me for. let me know! :)