Friday, February 08, 2008

U2 3D - even if you hate bono's glasses

[article from pvd daily dose - i went last week with some friends - i think you know how i feel about it already]

3-D audiencefor some people two dimensions are enough, but some of us need all three to feel truly alive! The beauty of the new ‘ U2 3D‘ at the IMAX Theater (i mean the Feinstein-Verrazano Ni-Ro-Pe IMAX Theater or whatever the hell it is) is that you can experience this massive concert venue without actually having to touch any of these people. shot in Buenos Aires, in what has to be a (sold out) 100,000 seat soccer stadium, the scene is positively terrifying. but it looks very very cool with everybody jumping up and down. even if you are not the biggest U-2 fan, it’s a lot of fun. plus, you can get Popeye’s Chicken on the way out *drools*.

the Providence Journal has more on the history and future of 3-D movies.

by Beth Comery (from pvd daily dose)

[agreed - minus the popeye's stop]


Suzanna said...

you said *drools*

steve said...

i'm gonna have to agree with the popeye's chicken... but that was before lent.