Monday, November 26, 2007

navel gaze

it's been a bit since my last post.
it's a busy few weeks.
you don't care i'm sure.
i have all these notes and half finished entries that are saved as drafts.
so many stories to share.
i was talking to a friend about how i felt uneasy letting so much time pass between bus stories, after school arts stories, and theological light bulbs - how it's strange that i feel uneasy about that - they said "yep."
thanks for all the comments on the last entry.
ben stein equals riveting commentary.

for tonite:

"To enter into solitude and silence is to take the spiritual life seriously. It is to take seriously the need to quiet the noise of our lives, to cease the constant striving of human effort, to pull away from our absorption in human relationships for a time in order to give God our undivided attention."



shmshrbali said...

Is it necessary to be quite to take spirituality seriously?? Doesnt spirituality refer to the persons thought process? and his ideas too in the larger game??

Anonymous said...

i do care! :) i was wondering why you weren't posting so frequently anymore.

as to the quote -- so true. that week of silence i had in taizé last year just made that so clear to me.

i love you, andrew!

Suzanna said...

i careeeeeeeeee.