Thursday, March 09, 2006

killers and thieves and os and you

these words have been mine all day:

"They warn you about killers and thieves in night
I worry about cancer and living right
But my mama never warned me about my own destructive appetite"


...and on a completely different tip

Your thoughts?
A central reason for the weakness
of the Christian faith in the West is the deficiency
of discipleship among those who are Christians,
including many leaders who are committed to Jesus

There are many reasons for this deficiency, such as poor teaching, lack of vision, fear of the complexity of the issues, an inability to make a persuasive case publicly, and so on. But the major problem is what is known technically as the “privatization” of faith, the way in which the modern world bifurcates the spiritual and secular, so that faith in the modern
world is “compartmentalized” and becomes “privately engaging but publicly irrelevant.” Sayyid Qutb, the formidable ideologue behind Osama bin Laden, described it as the “desolate separation” of Christian faith and life and the “hideous schizophrenia” of the modern world.

Privatization is a body blow to the integrity and effectiveness of faith, and therefore to both its faithfulness and its cultural strength. When it occurs, faith and fellowship resemble a hot tub to be enjoyed, rather than a weight room to equip leaders to enter the game and make a decisive difference.

Os Guiness & thanks for the picture amy carroll


chris said...

"Privatization is a body blow to the integrity and effectiveness of faith." nuts. dude, i am all about that photo.

Hannah said...

re: faith and fellowship resemble a hot tub to be enjoyed --

thinking of the tranformation of the christian so that their faith permiates anything they do -- the effort is part of the effort of life, there is no compartmentalization -- all action becomes sacred, "everything that rises must converge" -- and there is a freedom to it, to recognize the best and praise it, no matter where it is found.

lots of thoughts.

Sarah Sharp said...

I really like the word "bifurcate"

Hannah said...

i like the word "soup" better.

Anonymous said...

kinda hard to understand...all these intellectual [english!] words are not what you learn in germany...
but wow...amazing...and so true. could be is frustrating the longer i think about it...but isn't the amazing part that we can start changing that?