Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the monsters are under my bed again

To my ever crippling/enjoyable nostalgia.

Tonight I'm in the mood for some unscheduled affection
Spontaneous combustion...I'm playing with my fire inside
Burning my inner child blackened his skin to the tint of his sweatshirt
"Hey...when you play with the big boys, you get hurt!"
I used to suck my thumb while rubbing silk blankets across my cheek
Until my mom denied me access. I bawled for weeks
We don't speak to this day. I came to terms with my fear and loathing
Now I wear this it's an extra layer of old skin
Afraid to the fabric...from years that I've had it
Found abandoned on the stairs to the attic
Collecting runaway skin cells...absorbing memories
It's been to hell and back, dragged through the dirt and even worn by enemies...

Don't get fancy with your paintbrush when you reminisce
I'm sentimental and I miss what used to be close to me
or maybe I've just got OCD and I can't break my old routines
Hopefully I reconcile with my inseparables...what lies inside from head to toes
Instead of symbolizing clothes...
identifying with outside symbols...
Cut out the middle man...
But my woobie is in demand...
I'm feeling like a kid again.

"It protected me from the wind, sea and sand
Sanity was saved from the crazy cemetery walks
And every awkward moment spent talking with the Boogie Man
Man...managed unconditional comfort. As I've come to understand...
The monsters are under my bed again...
The monsters are under my bed again."


(picture of me by jasmine molina)


tim said...

Wow Andrew that's neat.

studioQ said...

this has great rhythm. i don't know what "SF" means. did you write this?
is this a song? sorry, this is my first time here...