Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CIVILITY: gay marriage, chick fil a, maturity, & tolerance*

*i questioned whether i should post this video. social media often seems to bring out the worst in peoples responses to sensitive social and political issues. i decided to go ahead because i think the idea of what miroslav volf** calls "passionate civility" needs to be reclaimed. 

it is a simple and largely lost concept which is basically this: you can believe strongly about an idea, law, or set of beliefs and not have the articulation of that belief devolve into hate, slander, or caricature of an opposing view point (novel i know).

it is based on the understanding that the IDEA should win the day. it's about wading through the messiness of truth.

what is best for you?
what is best for the common good?
where should we derive our understanding of love or sex?
should be it be imposed on others?
how do we live along side opposing views?
what really brings about change?

so i am posting this because i think it's refreshing.
it's uncool.
it's counter cultural.
it's brave.
and it calls out intolerance on both sides of the aisle.

**i also highly recommend reading this by miroslav volf

-andrew mook

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