Monday, August 16, 2010

how to fight a war - no fear in death

Top row (l to r): Daniela Beyer, Jawed, Dan Terry, Glen Lapp. Bottom row (l to r): Tom Little, Mahram Ali, Brian Carderelli, Cheryl Beckett. These eight, plus two others, were killed by Taliban.
"We want to pay tribute to each of our colleagues who died, to their commitment to serve the Afghan people. Those who have known them and seen them at work can do nothing but pay the highest tribute to them ... In some news articles, the people on this team have been described as 'saints.' This is not how they saw themselves. They were basically selfless professionals willing to spend their lives and energy in a meaningful way."

The International Assistance Mission, on the 10 members of their team killed Friday in Afghanistan.

IAM is an international charitable, non-profit, Christian organisation, serving the people of Afghanistan, through capacity building in the sectors of Health and Economic Development.

my prayers are with the ten and their families and friends. They are part of a story, an advancing kingdom, of those who have lost their life serving Jesus (hebrews 11).

where oh death is your victory, where oh death is your sting.

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