Wednesday, August 20, 2008

mind the gap providence

check the article on the class divisions in academic achievment in the providence journal today. it's i think there are all sorts of implications for what we (reservoir ave, sanctuary peoples) are up to.

dave segal from the providence daily dose responds appropriately.

A society with disgustingly wide class divisions is probably going to have broad divisions in academic achievement. I’ve ranted about this before: We can’t look at education in a vacuum.
Regressive taxes + lead poisoning + transience within communities + lack of employment opportunity + parents who work many jobs + racism + language barriers + poor healthcare +….+…. Add up to a stark divide in educational achievement.

(And recall that we are the worst in the country in the ratio of state vs local education funding. State levies progressive taxes. Cities levy property taxes, which don’t so much correlate to ability to pay.)

There’s no magic bullet: We need an more equitable society, and until we get it, kids in our inner cities are going to suffer.

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jamie said...

interesting article. i'll be prayin for the prov-movement kid. wish i could be apart of it