Monday, February 25, 2008

the liberian liberator!

jeremiah - who i commonly refer to as my adopted liberian brother (or son some days) in my roommate's boxing gloves. i hope these make you smile.
i spend a lot of time with him, and i usually hear more than i want to know of his life back home - the war, the journey here, and more extensively what it is like for him day to day in providence. keep him, and the hundreds of other refugees in this city in you thoughts and prayers. they have a difficult road to walk.


Cara said...

wow tell me more about this?!?! these pictures are awesome.

lauren said...

my church (in providence) has some amazing ties with the liberian community. tutoring/gathering furniture/backyard bible club in the summer, etc. i never thought to talk to you about this, but i should give you some info/contacts for it.

collaboration & encouragement among god's people with hearts for the same. yeah?

andrew said...

lauren - i'd love to hear more

cara - YES!

steve said...

i love that kid. and even more than that i love how you and danny are plugging into him. it's the kingdom come to earth. keep it up.