Monday, January 14, 2008

anger, unity, thanksgiving

there are around a billion people in the world who don’t have drinking water, and 46 million americans don’t have health care. that means if they get sick, they don’t have anywhere to go. half of the world, 3 billion people live on less that two american dollars a day, so the world is an emergency. it’s on fire. it’s drowning. it’s an absolute crisis, and when followers of Jesus can think of nothing better to do with their time than to pick apart and shred to pieces the work of other followers of Jesus who are trying to do something about the world, that’s tragic.

the world is desperately in need of people who will break themselves open and pour themselves out for the reconciliation of all things. when a Christian can find nothing better to do with their time in the face of this much pain and heartbreak, you start realizing that some Christians need to be saved. how a person would have energy to take shots at other Christians is just mind-boggling. you have to be so totally disconnected from the pain of the world to think that blogging (taking shots online) is somehow a redemptive use of your time.

[thinking about an upcoming sanctuary teaching on unity and criticism in regards to the new 1 Cor series // and the foolish cowardliness of those who seek division over unity.]


// tonite was a beautiful night.
// a wonderful sanctuary service (chris b and becca and kin and karl).
// a wonderful time after the service sharing stories and ideas at my friend chris p's new apt. (i have these "booties" that my great aunt knit me for christmas. i was wearing them at chris' apt. krysten mentioned that her mother calls them puppins. you will all now call these wonderful slipper-like booties... puppins.)
// a great but tiring weekend filled with ridiculous adventures with sarah and daryl and full throttle singing at a final WITH HONOR show and a chapel full of kids.

the world is filled with your glory. may we live lives of thanksgiving.


lauren said...

hey andrew!
the story from last night (about the second grade) reminded me of this quote:

it really was beautiful.

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