Thursday, January 03, 2008

kenya: fast/pray/help

i know many of you have been keeping up, (despite the fact that tv news outlets are more concerned with the 24 hour iowa caucus speculation, tiger attacks, and britney's lawyers)


i encourage you to read this article if you know little of tomorrows/todays coming events.

-i have a number of friends and family of friends in Kenya right now.
-many in Nairobi (where the rally is -
not where my friends are) could die today.
-75,000 are displaced.
-they have reopened the supermarkets where the orphanage my friends are working at is -located. many of the children have been without food for 3 days.

-this is daniel's blog (part the TI team) he updates his blog daily:
-aly's blog (a friend who is there):
-another member of the team who has been updating prayer requests.

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