Friday, December 21, 2007

a sketch of the kingdom

a couple of days ago. some friends of mine set up a large makeshift table in my living room consisting of a giant piece of plywood, a few stacks of books, 2 small speakers, and a low end table. we took one of the couches that is normaly in that room and moved it to the kitchen. we draped a blue table cloth over the wood and littered the table with candles, red carnations and FOOD - WINE - AND MORE FOOD.

what led to this table setting was an impromptu invitation at the coffee exchange just a few hours prior - "lets make some dinner tonight." three became four became eight people sitting on the floor by this humble feast laughing, praying, celebrating the gift of life we experienced that day.

i cooked, dan d. brought bread & cheese, matt and joanna brought wine, the chapmans brought a wonderful dish, and stephen brought some of the ingredients for the meal.

matt prayed for us. we listened to sufjan's christmas album. we celebrated the fact that we all live so close, that we all are seeking after truth (most days - ha) and that our current situation (the proximity of our houses, our ability to drop everything for a night and share food, our unity in the important things) is rare and something to be treasured. something to be held fast and nurtured.

as the evening came to a close matt and i turned to one another in a moment of divine agreement and decided we should close the evening with a prayer.

so, with sufjan whispering in the background, matt proceeded to thank God for all of the above and then cast such vision over our community. where we should be - where we are being pulled as a group, for the refugee families that we have been able to spend time with, where we can serve each other and those around us better...on and on. it was a moment where you don't even bother to fight back the drop of saline that is about to fall from the corner of your eye.

thank you God. may we all continue to live lives of gratitude for the gift of life and gift of Your son.

wake up wake up - you're living.

- the sketch is by my friend amy chapman who was amongst the family present. it has come to represent that night, every night before it, and every night after it.


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