Monday, December 31, 2007

pray - kenya

from a. bradley's blog
i have some close friends in Kenya right now. though they are safe, it is still a very scary situation for them, and everyone that knows and loves them.

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here is an excerpt from one of the team members there.

None of us slept last night, the government demanded that no live news be broadcasted in Kenya. Even the international news such as BBC was taken off the air. We couldn't get any news at all for the night. All of us were receiving phone calls through the whole night. I don't think I went an hour between phone calls and messages. Some of our friends from different places in Kenya were giving us updates on their areas and people from the U.S. were calling to see how we were doing and giving us CNN updates.

We cold hear gunshots a few miles away all night long. There are a lot of rumors right now. It is said that Riala is going to be sworn in by his own people as the president of Kenya, the current government said that if this happens, then they will arrest him. This would be the worse thing that could happen. The country would be in complete uproar as there would be two presidents and people fighting for who they stand for. There were a lot of deaths last night, but we are having a hard time getting news.

We are in town now. There are a lot of police here. We came as a group of us, it is best to travel is a pack. All the shops are closed but we found a few places with bread and some other things. Food is running out in Kitale and what is left is really expensive. We can't find credit for our phones as every place open has run out and because there is no transportation around the country, no new credit, food or even newspapers are reaching our little corner of the country. A few more days of this and there won't be any food left. We stocked up today with enough bread to get us through a few days. The street kids followed us around town and the number grew to the point that I felt like a riot cold happen among them and they would take our stuff. Despite my love for the street kids, I had to tell them to leave us alone. We didn't need 50 kids following us around town with all the tension. It would only take something small to spark a huge problem.
The internet at the house is no longer working and most likely won't be up for a few more days, thankfully we ran into a friend who had a friend who opened up his internet café for us. It is rumored that all communications could be knocked out later today. This means that we won't have internet or any phone communications. This is just a warning so no one freaks out if they can't get through to us or they don't hear anything.

We gathered this morning as a team and prayed, that's all we have to stand on right now. We have some friends in Uganda who said we can flee to Uganda if we need to and another fried who said we can use their car. However, no one can reach the boarder even though it is only an hour and a half away. Getting there means passing through the worse part of Kenya, Western where Raila is from. We have some other friends from Uganda staying in Kenya right now because they can't get back. Also all the gas stations have either closed down or run out of gas.

I just got a call from Martin from our Soy project where 23 orphans stay. They had to flee to the army barracks. He said they don't have any food and don't know what to do. There is nothing we can do from here as we can't get food or money to them. Please pray for them.
We will be heading home soon as it is expected things to get worse today. We are doing well, everyone is safe and together. Thankfully Kitale is not a major hot spot for politics. We will continue to pray. We are overwhelmed with those who are praying for us. Thank you!

I am a bit concerned because the U.S. had congratulated Kibaki and said that Kenyans should support the decision. This puts us in a bad place knowing the truth. Now we as Americans look bad to those in opisition.

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